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Who has Time to Read?

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

The field of aging has a wide array of service providers to help meet the needs of your aging loved one. Today we’re launching our monthly Spotlight Series. Each month you’ll hear a short interview with someone who works with older adults – some in capacities you’re familiar with, while others may shed light on a whole new way of looking at things. This month we are interviewing Daniel Sagal of Total Senior. Click below to hear Daniel's valuable advice!

Learn more about today's interviewee at:

Get in Touch With Genson Geriatriacs Genson Geriatrics Management is a concierge-style provider of expert and compassionate services to older adults. We have the skill-set, knowledge and expertise to assist with providing you peace of mind.

Amy D. Genson, MS 805-750-4755

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