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Genson Geriatrics Management

Always Here to Help

Elder Care Management
Overseeing your loved one's care with warmth & competence.  This concierge service is especially comforting if caring from a distance

Support & Counseling
We will be there to listen, provide support, advocate & communicate concerns. We give you & your loved one attention and space to be heard. 

Homecare Arrangements
We can help you outfit the home with necessary equipment & care staff you can trust to ensure they meet the client's needs

Oversight of Medical Appointments
We coordinate & accompany clients to medical appointments & provide detailed feedback to family members

Crisis Intervention
Genson Geriatrics Management is on-call 24/7 in case of emergency, providing round-the-clock support for seniors & their family members

 Genson Geriatric Elder Care Services Include:

  • Evaluations/Consultations

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Care Management

  • Accompanying Clients to Doctor/Procedure Appointments

  • Arranging for Home-Care Services

  • Short-term "Vacation" Oversight

  • Securing/Referrals to Eldercare Attorneys

  • Home-safety Evaluations

  • Coordinating/Providing General Transportation

  • Evaluations, Recommendation and Placement in Adult Daycare, Assisted Living,

       Skilled Nursing and Hospice Environments

  • Planning and Arranging for Moving/Transition

  • General Support and Counseling

  • Ongoing Communication

Genson Geriatrics Management takes all aspects of well-being into consideration when working with an older adult.  We are a non-medical practice, but speak to the social, psychological and general health care needs of elder care.

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