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Holiday Gift Suggestions for Aging Loved Ones

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

We all have that one person who is difficult to buy for during the holiday season. An aging family member likely falls under this category because they've had the opportunity to collect a lifetime of gifts. Or perhaps your older family is struggling with decline or memory loss and is unable to tackle anything new or challenging.

My gift suggestion when shopping for your aging loved one: keep it simple! Nobody needs another tchotchke to dust (or clutter to potentially trip over) at any age! Think in terms of useful gifts. Here is a quick and simple breakdown with some creative gift ideas.


A gift card to a local grocery store will always come in handy, especially for those on a fixed income

If your senior is computer savvy and able to place on-line orders, a gift card to a platform that offers delivery from a selection of retail stores could be fun and helpful

Postage stamps. Yes, there are still folks who use snail-mail. Get creative and include some self addressed envelopes to encourage your aging loved one to send you a hand written note. Those are the keepsakes you'll thank me for. This gift is a win-win for the both of you!


There are just some things that are difficult to do when living alone. That, in combination with limited dexterity, leads me to some "helpful" gift ideas:

A zipper puller to help zip up the back of a dress

A grabber to get to those out-of-reach items

A captioned telephone

A large print digital clock

Adult coloring books, crossword puzzles or word searches


A digital picture frame that is accessible to the whole family. One that is designed for ease for family members to share and upload photos

Again, get creative this holiday season, but minimize overwhelm for your aging family member. Most importantly, don't lose sight that the real gift of the holiday season is being together (whether in person or connecting on the phone) and sharing and creating new memories.

Wishing you good health and much happiness during the holidays and throughout the upcoming year!

*Genson Geriatrics Management is not endorsing or being compensated for any of the above mentioned items. These are general gift-giving ideas


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