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Healthy Adults eat Dessert First!

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Eat dessert first.

That way, when they offer you dessert after the meal, you’ll get seconds!

“A”  97 years old


Caring for my aging clients is one of the highest honors in life.  I suppose that suggests my “Love Language” is acts of service.  It’s a two-way street, however.  Giving my clients my time and energy fills my cup, but their presence, wisdom, and stories replenish my mental, emotional, and physical energy.

Allow me to introduce you to my client, “A”.  A turns 97 years old this month.  She always has a sparkle in her eyes and a cat-that-ate-the-canary grin.  While I can’t bottle up the feel-goods she leaves me with after every visit, I can pass along some of her wisdom.  I feel like I’d be doing the world a disservice by not sharing some of A’s life lessons.


As she sits on her couch, dressed to the nines, with her cat curled up in her lap, A questions why I would turn to her for life lessons.  I remind A that she’s about to turn 97!  While her shock of white hair is the only hint of her true age, I know she has lived a full life.


A is that person with whom you immediately feel at ease.  She always has a sparkle in her eye, an inviting smile, and an infectious laugh.  Through the stories and memories she has shared with me, it’s apparent that A has lived a life full of milestones, hardships, and successes.  The question isn’t why would I ask A for her life lessons, but how could I not?


Life lessons from a 97-year-old woman can be rich with wisdom and perspective. While each person's experience is unique, here are some of A’s life lessons as she reflects on a long and fulfilling life:

1.     Falling isn’t always a bad thing… especially if a handsome fireman comes to help you up!

2.     Pets bring so much joy and companionship.  They deserve to sleep on the bed…just don’t tell Mother

3.     There is no outfit a strand of pearls can’t dress up

4.     Appreciate the small joys in life. A grateful attitude can transform your outlook and bring contentment.

5.     Life is full of changes. Embrace adaptability, learn to go with the flow, and find ways to navigate challenges with resilience.

6.     Holding onto grudges only weighs you down. Forgiving others and yourself can bring peace and release unnecessary burdens.

7.     There are very few things in life that can’t be fixed with chocolate

8.     Do things independently for as long as possible

9.     Maintain a sense of humor

10.  Eat dessert first.  That way, when they offer you dessert after the meal, you’ll get seconds!

These lessons, drawn from the experiences of a 97-year-old woman, offer valuable insights into leading a meaningful and fulfilling life.



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