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Aging Adults Don't get Spooked, Take Your Shots

Updated: Feb 10

Aging adults, have you ever thought, “This moment is so amazing! I’ll never forget it!”? Sadly, I’m here to tell you that you will forget it. Maybe not all of it, but certainly parts. That’s why photography is so powerful. It documents that moment in time for you to have a lasting memory.

All too often families are reluctant to take pictures of family members as they decline. We tell ourselves we want to savor the “good times.” Wheelchairs, hospital beds, grey hairs, and wrinkles, however, don’t always mask the person behind them. A professional photographer shared that even when a loved one is gone from this earth, the pictures you captured of them are “proof of their existence.” With photography you can document each stage in the life journey of those important to you.

Photography captures memories and leads you to be present. Even if your aging loved one has limitations, you’re in the moment with him/her, attentive to his/her needs, and documenting your time together.

In an article by Portraits Refined, the author highlights some of the reasons why photography is important.

· Photos represent what matters to you: Photography freezes memories allowing you to capture a moment in time that you’ll be able to remember and cherish years from now

· There’s a story behind every image: If you’re looking at photos you’ve taken of your loved ones as they age, you’ll be reminded of that specific moment and behind that image is a story

· Photos evoke emotions: That’s the power of a photo

· Self-expression: Photography allows you to express yourself regardless of many limitations

· Build connections: With friend and family who are long-distance, photos help the older adult feel close when they see the images

· Photography doesn’t judge: Regardless of your age, you can take pictures and capture memories

“Photography is the universal language that speaks to the heart.” The images you capture in one’s later years can keep their memory alive and hold a moment in history for future generations.


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