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Genson Geriatrics Senior Health Care, Helath Care for Aging Adults Hobbies=Longevity

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

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Genson Geriatrics

Genson Geriatrics Senior Health Care, Helath Care for Aging Adults.

These works of art, that I keep on my mantle, are from one of my clients who carved them at 91-years young!

Hobbies provide older adults with new experiences, opportunities to socialize, outlets to improve physical health and decrease stress. Hobbies can also allot for a better sense of purpose. As with every age, it’s important that older adults engage in rewarding activities that enhance self-esteem and wellbeing.

Retirement can be a challenging adjustment for some. The stark contrast between working full time and having nothing but free time can be jolting, but also full of opportunity. Hobbies for older adults are one way to add a sense of fulfillment to the “Golden Years.”

Studies have found a link between enjoyable leisure activities and psychological and physical well-being. Studies also show that those who frequently engage in hobbies they love tend to live longer, healthier lives. So, it’s important for the older adult to select a hobby that really suits him/her.

Some indoor hobbies include:

· Reading and writing

· Cooking

· Crafting

· Making models

· Solving puzzles

While some outdoor hobbies include:

· Gardening

· Bird watching

· Hiking

What is often overlooked is when older adults take their hobby to the next level and turn their passion into a business. Data actually shows that the highest rate of entrepreneurship worldwide is in the 55-64 age group and the over-50 age group is twice as likely to be successful. Of course, there are difficulties with starting one’s own business, the same ones entrepreneurs in all age groups report – getting started and funding, to name a few.

In 2015 US News and World Report listed the following 11 tips for starting a business in retirement:

1. Determine whether your idea is really a good business plan

2. Evaluate your skills

3. Consider the time involved

4. Get good advice

5. Figure out how to finance your startup

6. Know if you want to manage others or can handle the isolation of working alone

7. Have an exit strategy

8. Use your professional connections

9. Embrace technology

10. Protect your assets

11. Don’t expect overnight success

When an older adult pursues his/her passion with the added bonus of making extra money it could be the winning combination to living their best senior life.


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