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Help With Aging Adults, Senior Care: The Surest way to Make Your Dreams Come True is to Live Them

Help With Aging Adults, Senior Care: I’m not only a Geriatric Care Manager, but a small business owner. I am passionate in my role as a clinician, but administrative tasks need to be tended to. Despite being pulled in multiple directions, I always take time to make a personal connection with my clients.

Here’s a picture of N as we celebrated her granddaughter’s recent nuptials. It was my pleasure and honor to put together a west coast viewing party for N and her family and friends to watch a live stream of her granddaughter’s wedding. Although N couldn’t travel across the country to attend the wedding in person, Genson Geriatrics helped make her dream come true by bringing the wedding to her. When family is far away, they can trust that I will remember their loved one on special occasions.

Genson Geriatrics provides elder care with heart. I take my role as Geriatric Care Manager very seriously. Working with older adults is my true calling. While overseeing the care of an older adult is fulfilling, nothing gives me greater pleasure than bringing a client joy and happiness.

My client, N, will be 86 years old at the end of the month. She is a big Dodgers fan, always greets me with a smile, and provides me with updates on her two adult daughters. N is very close with her daughters and engages with them daily.

N has one grandchild – a granddaughter who was engaged to be married in early October. N’s daughter was so respectful of her mom, giving N the time and space to come to the conclusion on her own that traveling from California to Vermont would be too taxing. What a gift it was for me to plan a west coast wedding for N and her local family and friends to attend!

The wedding was being live streamed specifically so Grandma could watch in real time. I sent out handmade invitations in advance and turned the library of N’s assisted living into a reception hall. I shopped online with N to find the perfect, color-coordinated, Grandmother-of-the-Bride outfit. I arranged to have her hair done in advance of the party. We even organized a corsage matching her daughter’s in Vermont to be delivered in advance of the ceremony.

While I loved picking out fall floral arrangements and choosing a miniature wedding cake, my enthusiasm stemmed from knowing my attention to detail would delight N. I have a natural, comfortable demeanor with older adults. I see N as a grandmother who desperately wanted to be a part of her only grandchild’s special day. N’s physical limitations may have impacted her decision on traveling cross country, but I was determined that they wouldn’t prevent her from sharing in the special day. If we couldn’t get to Vermont, we’d bring the wedding to N!

My services with N are ongoing. I provide Wellness Visits for socialization and observation opportunities. I work hand-in-hand with the staff of her assisted living. I accompany her to medical appointments, take copious notes, and provide detailed feedback to her daughters. I may be N’s Geriatric Care Manager, but on this day, I was her wedding planner.

My work with N and all clients is carried out with heart and driven by purpose. N appeared pleased with all of my efforts, but I walked away with the gift. Helping make N’s wish of being part of her granddaughter’s wedding come true, in turn, made my dream come true.

Please schedule your consultation here ... I look forward to serving your family!

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