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Happy Father's Day!

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My May, 2024 blog was dedicated to my mom in honor of Mother’s Day.  Since I am blessed and fortunate to have both my parents actively involved in my life, it’s only fair you indulge me and allow me to share about my dad this month in honor of Father’s Day.


My dad is an avid cards player.  With 2 cards here and 5 cards there, it’s safe to say my dad is good with numbers.  One number I’m excited to use to describe my dad is 82 – that’s how old he turned last month.  It’s a significant number after 3 scary (and potentially life-threatening) diagnoses and procedures.  Thankfully, he recovered and returned to 1 grateful family!


My dad is 1 funny guy with a quick wit and an immediate comeback whenever an opportunity arises.  He is a bundle of energy and gets at least 6,000 steps in each day because he can’t sit still.  He can watch 4 games at once and, because of his proclivity for numbers, at any given time he can tell you any player’s ERA, salary, number of yards run, or how many shots under.


My dad continues to practice law after 55 years, but tries to vacation at least 4 weeks out of the year.  Some may say my dad is an acquired taste.  But true to that definition, you like him more and more the better you get to know him.  His generosity overflows to his wife of 59 years, his 2 kids and 4 grandchildren.


My dad and I may not always see eye to eye, but we always see heart to heart.  After holding my hand and supporting me through various hardships, my smile is my dad’s secret purpose.  While he’s held me up through misfortune and difficulties, more often than not, he’s blessed me with countless life experiences.  Dad, I wish I could rewind and hit pause to relive all the 1,000,000 awesome memories I share with you.


As a Geriatric Care Manager, I know all too well how challenging it can be to assist in the care of an aging parent.  In the eyes of my dad, I’m forever his little girl.  Whether you’re caregiving locally or across the miles, at Genson Geriatrics Management, we say that involving the services of a neutral third party allows you to resume your parent/child relationship.


Happy Father’s Day, Dad!  You’re my #1!



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