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Updated: Aug 7, 2023

I opened my private geriatric care management practice in July 2013. I was green in the gills, naïve to all that being an entrepreneur meant, but fully embraced the idea of, “How hard could this be?” I had a solid education in my field under my belt and felt assured of my skillset. I had just completed a business course and drafted my business plan. I believed in my vision and my business model.

In many ways, my inexperience in business served me well. I’m certain if I knew the challenges that awaited me as a solopreneur, I never would have found the confidence to take that first step. I would have talked myself out of making a leap of faith. I would have dumbed myself down, come up with a million excuses as to why I couldn’t – and wouldn’t – succeed, and I would have settled.

In turn, I would have missed out on a decade of support. Had I not trusted blindly, I wouldn’t know what it means to have women believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. I’ve benefited from the guidance of fellow women in business to show me the ropes, teach me unfamiliar concepts, and hold me accountable, all while holding my hand.

The funny thing about owning my own business for ten years is that life outside of work carried on for that decade. Over the course of ten years, I faced many personal challenges. In addition, my dad was diagnosed with and beat colon cancer only to soon, thereafter, require quadruple bypass surgery. My business and I both survived a global pandemic.

All of those hardships taught me that I am stronger than I ever believed. I met each challenge with untapped resilience and determination – after some good cries and days hiding under the covers. I dug deep to determine that in owning my own business I was also pursuing my passion of caring for older adults. I read books. Took online classes. Sought the help of experts. All to figure out how to turn a post-Covid business on life-support into the business I’d always envisioned.

My job in geriatrics was greatly impacted by the Covid pandemic. I went countless months with no access to my clients and, therefore, no income. After the initial panic subsided, I used the time to reflect and came to a deep understanding that owning my own geriatric care management practice was my true calling.

I took the time to rebrand, relaunch, and develop a strong online presence. So much has changed over the past ten years. New name, new logo, new color scheme, but same attention to detail and commitment to clients and their families.

Ten years in private practice is quite a milestone. Being an entrepreneur is not for everybody. I’ve had to trust in the process more times than I can count. Genson Geriatrics Management is where it is today because I am passionate and knowledgeable about elder care. I believe in the service I provide. I have the flexibility in my schedule to meet my needs and, in turn, better meet the needs of my clients. Genson Geriatrics Management is my platform to be useful, compassionate, and to make a difference in the lives of older adults.


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