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Caregiver Support & Resources

Image by Hannah Busing

Remember to Take Time for Yourself

Caregiving is challenging & isolating

Some helpful reminders to care for yourself as you care for an aging family member:

  • Set aside one hour each day for personal growth

    • Divide it into 20 minute increments of:​

      • Movement​, stretching

      • Meditation, journaling, music, etc. ....

      • Studying/Learning ... feed your soul

  • Set small, attainable goals

  • Share your story.  Find outlets to contribute to society.  Allow others to learn from your experiences

  • Explore resources for quick & simple yoga and mindfulness courses

  • Nurture yourself & go with the flow

For additional caregiving resources, we encourage you to contact:

  • The Alzheimer's Association

  • The Parkinson's Foundation

  • American Stroke Association

  • Local Caregiving Support Groups

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